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Aziz Ansari Saw Kanye Play 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' For a Delivery Guy Before It Dropped

The actor and comedian shared some wild stories during his time on 'The Bill Simmons Podcast.'

Aziz Ansari's name has been all over social media since the second season of his Master of None series dropped on Netflix for our binge watching pleasure this past Friday. Recently, the actor and comedian sat down with Bill Simmons on his self-titled podcast to talk about the show's new season. One of the best parts of his and Simmons' talk was when Ansari revisited memories from the time he spent in early recording sessions of Watch The Throne and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy with Kanye West and Jay Z. Those memories include Ye playing unheard tracks from MBDTF for a man delivering him vintage Hermès luggage:


"This is so fascinating to me. He was working on Twisted Fantasy, and there was a guy who comes in, he's got two vintage, Hermès suitcases—travel suitcases. And he's trying to pick which suitcase, and he has one of his guys like, 'Yo grab that one and walk around with it a little bit.' 'Alright, grab the other one and walk around with it a little bit.' He wants to see which one looks cooler to walk around with. And he picks one. And the guy is still there, from some delivery service, and Kanye is like, 'Hey, I want to play you something. Tell me which of these songs you like.'"

Aziz has been known to share not-so-well-known stories about Ye before, but this may be the most entertaining yet. Listen to the full interview below. Aziz starts sharing Jay Z and Kanye stories around the 1:04:00 mark.

Photo: Taken from Aziz Ansari's Instagram.

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