Gemini, October 2015
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Gemini, October 2015

October brings plenty of questions around partnership, attraction, figuring out your direction, and working out what sort of commitments you're ready for.
October 1, 2015, 7:00am

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The world thinks of Gemini as the social butterfly of the zodiac—always flirting, chatting and having fun—but the current states of the heavens has rendered you a little bit quieter, more introspective and stoic. October opens with Mercury, your ruling planet, retrograde (until October 9) in fellow Air sign Libra, and with Saturn settling into your opposite sign, Sagittarius (until December 2017).


Mercury retrograde in Libra, the sign of partnership, is affecting your usual flirtatious demeanor, making you a little more careful or nostalgic. It's very likely that you'll reconnect with crushes from the past, and Mercury retrograde in Libra will also inspire you to take on some creative projects you've previously dumped.

There's some serious vibes entering the relationship realm in your life. Saturn, the planet of maturity and responsibility, has entered Sagittarius, the sign opposite yours. Whenever we see an opposition in astrology, we know we have to question partnership; an opposition is a special kind of celestial relationship, demanding balance and equality, challenging us to find a middle ground with the people we work with in our lives. Saturn entering this equation will force you to consider boundaries and commitments. Are you ready to get so serious in your relationships, Gemini—especially now that your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde in Libra, prompting you to reconsider all things lovely, sweet, fun, and attractive in your life? Things will clear up as the month goes on, but early October brings plenty of questions around partnership, attraction, figuring out your direction, and working out what sort of commitments you're ready for.

Mercury in Libra will sextile Saturn in Sagittarius on October 6, which is awesome. We love a sextile: They're helpful, communicative and creative. Soon, Gemini, you'll develop some sort of sturdy game plan on how to move forward with everything you've got going on in your life! You're sometimes (OK, oftentimes) accused of being flakey, and I bet that sometimes even you feel a little ungrounded. On October 6, someone helpful may come around to help you plan shit out, and their assistance will help you feel much more organized and settled. A super productive conversation could go down concerning your love life—but, really, any partnership that means a lot to you could be affected by this lovely celestial combination.


Venus enters intellectual and introspective Virgo on October 8, right before Mercury turns direct on the 9, so by the end of the second week of October, you'll have your head on straight. Venus in Virgo is a little bit of a weird combination, but you're totally into weird. Venus wants to seduce, but Virgo's a maiden sitting with her legs crossed. Virgo is also one of the nerdier signs of the zodiac. You're extremely nerdy too, Gemini, but you're extroverted, so your inner geek is hidden from the average acquaintance. When Venus enters Virgo, you'll begin valuing your private spaces where you can nerd out a whole lot more. Privacy will become quite important, and creating a comfortable home space will be a priority for you.

Has the Mercury retrograde inspired you to carve out even more time to reflect and space out? Maybe! But, anyway, October 9, Mercury goes direct, bringing forward motion to your romantic and creative endeavors. You'll have a lot to think about while you spend the next few weeks organizing your bookshelf and sorting your jewelry as lovely Venus enjoys spending time in analytical Virgo.

Mid-month is about new beginnings, especially around all the stuff you've been working on (or reworking on) during the Mercury retrograde. The New Moon in Libra on October 12 will plant new seeds around romance and creativity. You might find a new muse to be inspired by during this time. Libra is just as flirtatious as you are, Gemini, so a New Moon in this fellow Air sign will bring you some fun times. You're usually really logical about everything, so the level of nostalgia during the retrograde may have been a little annoying for you, Gemini—don't worry, the energy clears during this New Moon!


Some drama comes your way on October 22 when your ruling planet Mercury squares Pluto, the lord of the underworld. Squares are stressful: They create tension and they make us feel like we've got to act now. Mercury wants to communicate, but Pluto wants to control. Watch out for manipulative conversations or suspicious people popping up in your life. Be aware that whomever you e-mail could totally forward your message to someone else. Think before you speak. Again, squares can make us feel pressured, and taking sudden action under pressure isn't always a good idea.

People in your life are super stressed out during this time; they might feel super broke or unloved, or they might just be in a place or anxiety or anguish that you're not qualified to help them with. Maintain good boundaries, and don't feel compelled to stay on the line with someone whom you know if trying to manipulate you, even if they're crying or freaking out. Whenever we deal with Pluto, we know a third wheel could, or should, be involved. Sometimes this will manifest in a shady way (like a secret third listener during a phone conversation) and sometimes in a positive one, perhaps in the form of a therapist or a mediator. Work with the energy by calling in a positive third party, if need be.

Speaking of manipulations, suspicions, and intense therapy: The Sun enters sexy and secretive Water sign Scorpio on October 23, bringing some extra magic to your everyday, mundane world. Getting shit done is the theme of this transit, and you may find yourself getting super organized, working on your health or fitness, or simply creating a more supportive and productive schedule. Scorpio doesn't waste time, and it does things to the extreme. You will enjoy this efficient energy in pretty much every area of your life at the end of the month, Gemini!

Additionally, around this time you will have figured out whom you like to have fun with and what your current creative goals are—your Mercury retrograde lessons will be wrapping up nicely, and the Sun in Scorpio will help you take these fun, flirty relationships or projects from the realm of talk to the realm of action. You're not just writing the songs anymore, you're playing them. Or you're not just partying with your new crush, but actually forming regular habits together, like walking your dogs together in the morning or whatever (that is, if you're ready for commitment… which responsible, commitment loving Saturn in your opposite sign is asking you to consider…)

October 25 will be an interesting day: Mercury will oppose Uranus, so some spastic, unexpected confrontation or conversation will come up in your life, likely having to do with partnership versus independence. There's an all-or-nothing energy in the air, but there's also a lovely connection between Venus and lucky Jupiter in Virgo on this day. I don't know whether you should partner or stay free; likely, a middle ground is the best place to be.

Venus and Jupiter coming together in introspective Virgo tells us that, no matter what you choose, you will find great comfort at home. Your family, your roommates, or your amazing bathtub will be there for you at the end of the month, Gemini! If "home is where the heart is," then your heart's feeling very warm around the 25th. Cultivating a comfy safe space for yourself is also an excellent way to work with the Full Moon on October 27 in luxurious (and lazy) Taurus. This Full Moon will inspire you to reflect on your work life balance: Is it working? Do you have enough down time? Down time's super important, Gemini, and this month, you'll have wonderful opportunities to create a beautiful space for yourself!

The month begins with you feeling a little confused, even torn. Gemini is the sign of choices and options. With your ruling planet, Mercury, retrograde, decision-making has been rather difficult lately. This month, Gemini, I want you to continually ask yourself, Is this thing/person/place supporting me and encouraging me to create a beautiful home or safe space? A lot of changes are going on in your relationships and in your creative life, but none of that will be able to happen if your foundation, your home life, is a mess. The answer to all your difficult questions this month is this: Will it look good in your room, or not?