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Bonaventure's New Single "HOPELESSNESS" Is a Reflection on Brexit

The melancholy track is off her upcoming EP 'FREE LUTANGU,' due out later this month on PTP.
Photo by Büro Bum Bum

Berlin-based artist Soraya Lutangu, a.k.a. Bonaventure, today shared a plaintive new track off her forthcoming FREE LUTANGU EP for NYC imprint PTP. The song is as downcast as its title suggests, utilizing the full sonic spectrum yet still leaving the listener with a feeling of corrosive emptiness. The main chord progression adds an elegiac quality, which pushes and pulls against an array of cinematic sound effects along with a sampled guttural cry.


Lutangu told THUMP over email that she was moved to make the track after talking about Brexit with artist and writer Hannah Black, who features on one of FREE LUTANGU's tracks. "'Hopelessness' was written after a heavy conversation with Hannah on Brexit, in the summer of 2016," she said. "After going back home from meeting her, I was very touched and affected by both the political status quo and her reaction to it. The track's melancholic synths are echoing the narrative of this conversation, and a significant sample titled 'Female distress scream' from the Youtube Audio Library was used."

Earlier this year, Black wrote an essay called "Go Home" for The Towner, about "Brexit, racism, and the fantasy of white working class ignorance."

FREE LUTANGU will be released on May 12, and is available for pre-order.

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