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Fil Jackson Shows Canada's True(deau) Stoner Colours in "The Uptown" Video

"Retreating to the wilderness with a bag of weed is an important Canadian pastime."

Producer Fil Jackson is what you'd call a weed connoisseur, releasing his latest EP The Uptown on the hallowed day of 4/20. Chock-full of hip-hop infused house and footwork jams, it's great music for smoking buds with buds in the city or suburbs, but will kicking back with some trees work in the wild, next to literal trees? This is what Jackson's new video for the EP's hard grooving title track seeks to prove. Jackson lounges and dances in cottage country, generally being the chillest man on earth. The only way this video could be more Canadiana is if there were Muskoka chairs.


"The video for the title track off of The Uptown EP was shot in the Canadian wilderness," Jackson told Noisey. "Retreating to the wilderness with a bag of weed is an important Canadian pastime. It is rumoured that during these retreats, Canadians have discovered maple syrup, free healthcare, BC Bud, and now, finally, the concept for this music video." Watch the video for "The Uptown" above.

Phil is one of the few Canadians who doesn't smoke. He's on Twitter.