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Episode 11 of the Waypoint UK Podcast Is a ‘Max Payne 3’ Special

We look back at Rockstar’s shooter, on its fifth anniversary.
Screenshot courtesy of Rockstar Games.

This episode of the Waypoint UK Podcast is (almost) entirely focused on Max Payne 3, as Rockstar's fascinating 2012 instalment in the Remedy-created noir shooter series turns five.

This podcast contains spoilers, obvs.

Waypoint's Mike Diver is joined by Steve Burns and Ed Smith—two people with a lot to say on the state of Payne by his third run out, both positive and negative. We look at the character himself, the relationships he builds (and sees torn down), the many and varied settings of the game, how it actually plays, what it cost to make (and we don't just mean in terms of money), and much more.

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The next Waypoint UK Podcast is live on June 1, when Mike and Steve will look ahead to E3's likely reveals, and probably talk about its awful food for a bit.