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Harry Romero Remixed Josh Wink's "Are You There" Into a Huge Bomb

The US house legend made a classic track even iller.
April 8, 2014, 9:00pm

Harry Romero

One of the East Coast's most prolific house outposts, Ovum, turns 20 this year, and label co-founder Josh Wink has prepped a fresh release in celebration. The first peek at this latest record came last year, when Berghain celebrity Ben Klock included his addictive rework of Josh Wink's "Are You There" on his mixed CD for fabric. Now, further details have been unveiled: Klock's version of "Are You There" is only one of several remixes included in the package from producers like ROD and Harry Romero. The latter artist buries the distinctive monotone vocal between chunky kicks, chugging hi-hats, and a zig-zagging guitar lick. Stream the track below, ahead of the record's official release next week.

Josh Wink's "Are You There" remixes are out April 14 on Ovum.

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