Welcome Britain's Allstars: MoStack, Mist, WSTRN and Abra Cadabra on One Fuck-Off Track

The song is called "Money" and it's by the producer's producer, Steel Banglez.
March 9, 2017, 4:13pm

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the International Allstars Club direct from the United Kingdom. Presenting: MoStack, Mist, Haile (WSTRN) and Abra Cadabra all on one grand track from Steel Banglez, called "Money".

For those unversed in the production and DJ history of Britain's finest, Steel Banglez has stamped his production sound on work by everyone from Ghetts and Big H to Giggs and K Koke. As a DJ, he's jumped on the ones and twos for Dizzee Rascal and Busta Rhymes (and Sean Paul!). Maybe you've read our feature on him, around the time he worked with Krept & Konan. Now, with the release of "Money", he's stepping out and putting his name at the front of the track. Thematically, it's about the financial world. Sonically, it's a banger.

Listen and watch below.

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(Lead image by Quann)