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Nicki Minaj Might Be a Diva, But She Still Stans Like the Rest of Us

The self-professed Queen of Rap lost it when Celine Dion responded to her goofy "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" lip sync video.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

I don't tend to make a habit of following celebrities on social media, particularly Twitter, mostly because they usually have zero banter. However, I will make two exceptions:

1) Chrissy Teigen, the funniest model of our times and;

2) Nicki Minaj

What these two superlative celebrity tweeters have in common is that they tend to use Twitter just to shoot the breeze like the rest of us. Nicki in particular gives us the good stuff pretty regularly. Case in point:


One of the other things that makes Nicki more like a regular social media user is that she's not opposed to stanning hard, which is what at least 40 percent of Twitter is now occupied with at all times, since Beliebers and Directioners made it so. On Monday, she posted a goofy video in which she lip syncs to Celine Dion's power ballad banger "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," potentially in tribute to the Canadian singer:

What she probably didn't expect was that Ms Dion would see the video (which to be honest is not the best lip sync we've all seen – deliberating that honour would at least have to include this. You should at least know all the words, Nicki). Anyway, Dion tweeted in response "Excellente interprétation !! / Good job @nickiminaj!!" – have you ever seen anything more purely mum than Celine Dion's two exclamation marks after a space? Deeply comforting. Obviously this sent Nicki into humble fan spiral mode, not unlike when Kim Kardashian sends some kids Yeezys or a fan manages to grab one blurry selfie with a film star after they've been stood cordoned off from the red carpet at one of those central London film premieres:

Nicki may call herself the Queen of Rap, but at least she's relatable, you have to give it to her. One of the hardest elements of the intersection between fame and social media now has become the silent death of everyone's faith in their fave, as celebrity after celebrity shares their #problematic perspectives in a public digital forum. We used to live in a pure world, where we only really knew what musicians thought from between-song banter at shows, or a bit of semi-rehearsed joking during an episode of MTV 's Cribs. And so displays like this are a heartwarming reminder that yes, sometimes people in the public eye are just excited about someone from the VH1 Divas days, as much as we were in the 90s. Bbrb making a lip sync video of "Alone" – which I know word for word – so Celine notices me too.

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(Image via Nicki Minaj on Instagram)