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This Is Yangyang, a Ridiculously Human-Like Lady Android

Stuck for gift ideas? How about a painfully realistic robotic replica?
Yangyang. Image: Shanghai Shenqing Industry

When Yangyang, a tall, brown-haired woman clad in a chic red coat, took to the stage at this year's Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing, she was met with critical acclaim. But, despite how she might look, Yangyang is no human. "She" is, in fact, an "it": an eerily human-like android robot, and the latest creation of Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro.

Yangyang. Image: Shanghai Shenqing Industry

Incidentally, the Mail Online recently likened Yangyang's looks to American politician Sarah Palin. What does Ishiguro think about that? "Should I know her?" he responded politely.