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Spock’s Son Started a Kickstarter to Make a Film About His Father

He hopes to kick up $600,000.

Leonard Nimoy's son is hoping to produce a documentary about his father with a little bit of your help.

Adam hopes to collect $600,000 to create a film called For the Love of Spock, which will "explore the incredible career and artistry of Leonard Nimoy."

"The funding of this film through Kickstarter will enable us to continue with production — which will mostly take the form of filming interviews of Dad's friends, colleagues and family members," Adam writes on the Kickstarter page. Zachary Quinto, who played Spock in the most recent Star Trek movies, is on board to narrate it.

Funds will be used to license the "hundreds of film clips and still photographs of Mr. Spock" from the past fifty years.

Pledges start at $15, which will get you a "one-of-a-kind" PDF collection of so-called Spock collectables. Five pledges at $10,000 are being offered to become an associate producer on the film.