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Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Is Appealing Her Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

In March, a jury cleared Kleiner Perkins of all claims against the venture capital firm.
Image: Kleiner Perkins

Ellen Pao, the CEO of Reddit, is appealing a gender discrimination case she brought against her former employer last year, according to Reuters and other media reports.

Pao accused venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins of discriminating against her because of her gender throughout her time as a junior partner at the firm, and claimed her gender was a major factor in her eventual dismissal.

Earlier this year, a jury heard weeks of testimony that included former and current employees recounting gifted books of dirty poems, male-only ski trips, an affair between Pao and a married colleague, and a senior partner showing up at female coworker's hotel room in nothing but a bathrobe. In the end, however, Kleiner Perkins won the case.

The trial was considered by many to be a watershed moment, casting light on long-whispered rumors of sexism, discrimination, and a "bro culture" in Silicon Valley. Supporters of Pao were disappointed with the verdict, and it seems she wasn't satisfied with the result herself.