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How Cool Is This Translucent Gold Firefox Phone, Seriously

I know we're not a gadget blog, but.
​Image: ​Mozilla

First, a disclaimer: Motherboard is not a gadget blog—but this phone makes us feel like one! At least two Motherboard staffers said "I want this" and a third VICE staffer said "I want this so bad." What is it? Was it sent from the future? Does that rad gold foxy home button make you feel like a high fashion hacker or what?

Image: ​Mozilla

This is the ​Fx0, released in stores in Japan on Christmas Day. It runs Firefox OS, the smartphone operating system from Mozilla, makers of your second-favorite browser.


Its snazzy appearance is thanks to Tokujin Yoshioka, a famous conceptual, product, and industrial designer in Japan. Yoshioka says the translucent design is meant to highlight Mozilla's commitment to open source code, but he probably just knew it would look sick as heck. This is the guy who designed Swarovski's glittery flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo.

The phone has pretty standard features, or "specs," as we say. I will put it in terms of the iPhone 6:

Screen size: same as the iPhone 6

​Resolution: almost as good as the iPhone 6 ​​Camera: same megapixels as the iPhone 6 but undoubtedly not quite as good ​​Brainpower: not as fast but comparable to the iPhone 6 ​​Memory: a little more working memory, same amount of storage as the cheapest iPhone 6

The phone costs about 50,000 yen or about $420 if you somehow got someone to sell it to you in dollars, but it won't work with US carriers. Here is a video of the first "hands-on" with the device, which looks like someone playing with the phone in a Tokyo store:

Mozilla has 16 Firefox phones available in 29 countries, so perhaps the Fx0 will become more widely available in the future. In the meantime, we understand that 90 percent of gadget blogging is aspirational.