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Soylent Officially Has a Nutrition Label

According to the food testing lab, it's actually really healthy.
January 30, 2014, 9:34pm

Soylent just took a giant leap towards mainstream respectability: It scored an official nutrition label. After being subjected to FDA-compliant testing, Soylent turned out to deliver just about precisely the amount of nutrients it promised. That should provide further comfort to the 20,000 consumers who will receive their Soylent next month.

Servings per container? Three. Now look at the list of micronutrients all the way down—33 percent. The fat, cholesterol, and sodium count don't stack up as precisely, but they're close. And Rob has said stated before that omitting cholesterol is a conscious decision. In fact, just how healthy tests revealed Soylent to be may surprise some of its critics:

Perhaps most importantly, the results will likely allow consumers to view Soylent with a newfound confidence.

"This shows that we are going through all necessary steps to have an officially regulated product, and will continue to meet or exceed design and manufacturing standards for food," Rob wrote me in an email. "I am happy that the labeling process went smoothly, but slightly disappointed that nutrition facts may not adequately or intuitively convey the real long term nutrition value of a food product."

After I completed my own 30-day trial on Soylent, I said that one of the remaining barriers it faced was that it hadn't been subjected to clinical trials or rigorous enough third-party testing. Now it's cleared one of those hurdles.