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Fifth Harmony Loses One Harmony in Unharmonious Maneuver, Pledges to Continue Harmoniously Nonetheless

Founding member Camila Cabello has gone solo after one top 10 single.
Image via Youtube

Fifth Harmony had arguably the slap of the year with "Work from Home" (we acknowledge this oversight on our list), but now one member has decided to strike out on her own amidst odd circumstances. Founding Harmony Camila Cabello has left the group, but did so through her own representatives. According to a tweet shared by the group, Fifth Harmony will continue as a four-piece for now (a.k.a. Fourth Harmony, perhaps, but that would kinda suck) with no mention of a possible replacement for Cabello yet.


Cabello's departure comes after she recently scored a Billboard top 10 hit with Machine Gun Kelly on their joint track "Bad Things." It's plausible that her own team (all the members of the group started as solo performers in X-Factor before being joined up together) saw this as the green light to begin her Beyoncé-ish ascent, but the abrupt, controversial lineup change also resembles that of Jessica from K-pop behemoths Girls' Generation, a group that essentially created the model for Fifth Harmony's brash, intensely fandom-driven pop. The latter isn't as massive as the former yet, but Cabello's news has already caused much speculation. This could be something bigger than just "some girl group changing their lineup."

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