This Little Kid's Goal Celebration Will Make Your Day

The young Capitals fan is taking after his favourite player Alex Ovechkin.
December 6, 2016, 8:39pm

Celebration of the year!

— NHL (@NHL)December 6, 2016

Just once in my life, I need to feel half the joy that a mite hockey player feels when they score.

Known by only one name, like celebrities of similar stature and notoriety—Madonna, Adele, Prince, Sting and Drake—Micah is a mite hockey player who got to play a mini-game at the Verizon Center during intermission of Washington's 3-2 win over Buffalo on Monday.

After streaking through the right circle followed by a quick cut back, Micah put a move on the goaltender and lifted a shot as close to top-shelf as his tiny wrists would allow him to execute. The snipe wasn't even close to the best part of the sequence, as the celebration that followed was a display of pure joy and happiness.

The goal and subsequent celebration were heartwarming, but the rinkside interview after it all went down seemed like the highlight of Micah's eventful night. He made it clear that he was going to keep it real at school on Tuesday.

"I'm going to say, I scored one goal at the Caps stadium—and I was on TV," he said.

The noted Alex Ovechkin fan has clearly been studying his idol with a keen eye, in both how he shoots the puck, and (most importantly) how he celebrates after.