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Finally, an Emoji Keyboard for Your Computer

Art and tech company Disc Cactus fixed the "not being able to type emoji on computers" problem.
Images courtesy the artist

Forget QWERTY, there's a new computer keyboard in town—the Emoji Keyboard. Art and technology company Disc Cactus have designed a sleek silicone keyboard cover that replaces each letter with a different emoji ("Y" is "heart emoji" and "T" is "poop emoji," etc.), and they've taken to Kickstarter to bring their design to the masses.

Using the Emoji Keyboard is easy: after placing the cover over your keyboard, it's as simple as installing the "magic software that makes it work," which translates keystrokes into smileys and eggplants with a quick toggle of the caps lock (because who needs to type in all caps anyway?).


The idea seems so obvious, it's surprising it doesn't already exist (that we know of). "We first built the Emoji Keyboard so we could type our own name (yes, our real company name is spelled with the "disk" and "cactus" emoji characters)," they explain on their Kickstarter page. *insert thumbs up emoji here*

Add the keyboard to your emoji toolkit by visiting their Kickstarter page.

Visit Disc Cactus' website to see more one-of-a-kind projects and media art.

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