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Walk Through a Digital House of Mirrors in This Interactive Installation

Ku-Flex's reactive projection installation is like seeing your own reflection by way of quantum physics.
Images courtesy the artist

Thanks to new interactive light installation, Quantum Space, you can become a shapeshifting digital humanoid inside a Moscow art gallery. Working with Ku-Flex Visual Labs, digital artist Igor Tatarnikov, a.k.a. Sodazot, linked projectors, computers, and motion tracking cameras together with openFrameworks software to create a digital mirror. Only, instead of your reflection, it reveals an ephemeral body of swirling light, neon geometry, and particles.


The shapes and colors that make up your new digital reflection are actually based on real particle physics simulations. "When you come into Quantum Space, you break down into quantums of light and you communicate with universe," explains Sodazot. Ultimately, the experience seems like joining Universal Everything's walking man on his jaunty, animated stroll.

Quantum Space runs at the M'ARS Gallery in Moscow through April 15, 2015. Check out Ku-Flex's work on their website, and visit Sodazot's portfolio for more.


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