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Projection Mapping Revives the Greek God Apollo

The ancient god of music, poetry, and prophesy comes to life thanks to French digital art studio BK.
Images via Behance

He'll always be the ancient god of music, poetry, and prophesy, but that doesn't mean Apollo couldn't use a 21st century update. While only a select few still worship the classical pantheon, Greek deities still rear their heads from time to time in new artworks, not the least of which is this sculpture, brought to uncanny life with Omote-like facial projection mapping. Perhaps GOLEM x APOLLO isn't as eerie as seeing a man turn into a leopard-faced half-human or taking a boat ride down the Styx, but something innate says that a disembodied head shouldn't be able to bat its eyelashes or shift its eyes to stare at you. This seems to be the effect that Arnaud Pottier, the artistic director of BK Digital Art Company is going for, based on their teaser trailer's description:


"Golem is an installation using antic [sic] sculpture and video to create the uncanny feelings. Instilling the living and the human in the non-human, this work questions the deception of the virtualized image of the living and our empathy for a picture of the reconstructed body, in short the sensitive border between virtual reality and virtuality real."

Watch the teaser below, then check out more on GOLEM x APOLLO in images and a making-of video:

Visit BK's website for more stunning digital artwork.


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