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Glowing Lights Follow You Through An Interactive Light Tunnel

Kollision's "Interference" means no more scary, dark urban tunnels to negotiate late at night.

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Walking through an urban tunnel can often be a dark, foreboding experience. You've probably watched way too many horror movies—but that's not the case with this interactive tunnel from Danish designers, Kollision. Called Interference, it's situated in Kolding, Denmark, and the walls of the tunnel are covered in columns of light that brighten and react as people walk through.

The idea is that by setting off the rows of light, people are made aware of their surroundings, and also of other people walking through the tunnel, too. Plus, it probably makes you feel like you're strolling through some kind of spaceship walkway or portal to another dimension—which is always a bonus.


The almost-120' long tunnel is outfitted with motion sensors which trigger various lighting effects. "When a person enters the tunnel, the movement activates a space of light in front of the person following the person through the tunne," says Kollision. "The light shuts down behind the person leaving the tunnel in darkness. If more people enter the tunnel, a dynamic temporary space of light will appear between them, making people aware of their interference and the surroundings."

From their website:

Interference [is] based on the idea that urban life is characterized by two opposing trends: an urge to belong and be part of a community and an opposing desire to be alone and anonymous in the middle of the rush. This shaped a dynamic and interactive lighting concept integrated in the tunnel walls, which focuses on creating a social space between people walking through the tunnel.


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