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Techno Snowflakes, Glowing Vortexes, And Computer Viruses Visualized Through Light Painting

Tim Gamble's swirling light art is all created in-camera, or, as he calls it, "straight out of the box."

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"I find nothing in life more relaxing and soothing than rotating a camera at pre determined increments during a long exposure," says light painter Tim Gamble, a.k.a. FadeToBlack. With a growing repertoire of in-camera techniques, including his aforementioned camera rotations, Gamble has composed an impressive catalog of light paintings that look like glowing vortexes, techno snowflakes, and conceptual computer viruses.


Gamble shoots striking combinations of gels, rainbow paper, computer screens, and circuit boards to create colorful geometric shapes that are CGI-free, or, as he calls it, "straight out of the box." Even the binary code backgrounds and circuit board landscapes haven't been created with Photoshop, but with double exposures and physical screens.

His work is mesmerizing, and his Flickr profile is full of process descriptions for budding light artists. He also features wacky illuminated experiements like Circle of Hope, a light painted image composed from candles floating on a pond at an event Gamble attended. Plus, the British slang he uses to describe his works is almost as colorful as his light art—come for the pictures, but stay for the comments.

Check out some of Tim Gamble's selected works below:

Stay Stihl

Techno Snowlflake



Coriolis Effect

Circle of Hope




ViRuS 2.0

Hop on over to Gamble's Flickr photostream to lose yourself in his vibrant light art.


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