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Drake GIFs from the 6 | GIF Six-Pack

Drake's new album 'Views' is already about to dominate your feed, might as well click on the one with good GIFs.

Today, Drake's new album and long-awaited hype missile, Views (not 'from the 6' as he'd originally suggested), drops on Apple Music and iTunes. Either you've been anxiously awaiting the release and gobbling up every drizzle of Drizzy news about the years-in-the-making self-proclaimed opus, or you'll be coping with copious opinions, reviews, thinkpieces, and memes at least through the next weekend or so. Whichever you are, now is a good time to observe Drake as a tool… used by GIF artists to make statements, earn laughs, and otherwise participate in the GIF-o-sphere.


We'll check out work by sardonic Israeli artist Saint Hoax, trip down memory lane to revisit Hotline Bling and Sad Drake, then round out the Drake loops with GIF artists' reactions to Views.

When Drake started wearing less and going out more

A video posted by Saint Hoax  (@sainthoax) on Dec 10, 2015 at 9:30am PST


LaTurbo Avedon


See more Drake GIFs on GIPHY. Download Views on iTunes.


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