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The 'Katdashians' Dig Their Claws into the Haters in a New Video [Exclusive Premiere]

The stars of the Kardashians-meets-Cats musical take to the confessional cam to dish on the making of the off-Broadway smash.
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Katdashians: Break the Musical, the off-Broadway mashup of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Cats, penned by performance artists Bob and Tobly McSmith, may be in a cat fight with Andrew Lloyd Webber, but drama's never kept a Katdashian away from the camera. In a new video premiering today on The Creators Project, the Katdashians take to the confessional cam to dish on the making of their musical.


Catnip for people who love reality TV schlock, the video (titled Keeping Up With the Katdashians) is rife with bleeped profanity, Kim Katdashian’s tears, and kats absorbed by their phones. Catlyn Jenner belts out Jesus Christ Superstar (a not-so-subtle nod to another Webber classic) before being cut off by her “lawyers,” Kris Jenner demands 10% of the video sales, and Kylie Jenner drops in to hawk her lip kits (whatever those are).

Four minutes of genius parody, the video is but a preview of the kast’s sendup of the famous felines. Webber may have put the kibosh on Katdashians using his tunes, but the show will go on at the Elektra Theater through July 17. Hurry up and snag tickets to witness the katfight firsthand.


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