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Gorgeous Footage Eulogizes a Blood-Red Autumn

R.I.P. fall.
Images courtesy the artist

This fall lasted a particularly long time—I was going to the park in short sleeves well into December. Chalk it up to El Niño or climate change, but honestly I wasn't asking too many questions about the long life of my favorite season. Now rain and chills and winter boots and overcast skies have dominated the weather forecasts, but there's still time to remember fall while it's fresh in our minds. Filmmaker Julian Tryba, spent the last few months documenting the blood-red leaves of autumn in New England for posterity in a new film called Fall from Above.


The video is an entrancing medly of all the brightest colors that only seem to exist between summer and winter. "I had hundreds of clips from different locations and there was not an obvious way to piece the film together," Tryba tells The Creators Project. He organized drone footage, timelapses, pans, tilts, and more drone footage by color, camera movement, lighting, time of day, and what music would best suit the visuals. Strung together, Fall from Above does more than bring back the memory of leaves crunched and pumpkin spice lattes sipped, it creates a narrative.

Bask in the digital sweater weather of Fall from Above in the images and video below.

See more of Julian Tryba's work on his website.


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