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Oatmeal Artist Recreates World-Famous Paintings

Whoever said "Don't play with your food," surely never met self-taught artist Sarah Rasado.
Girl With a Pearl Earring

Whoever said it was wrong to play with your food obviously didn’t think of Sarah Rasado, the self-taught artist who's been hard at work recreating some of history's most famous paintings using breakfast oats. With the kitchen table as her canvas, Rasado pairs a different oatmeal-friendly fruit with each work and frames it with an arrangement of cinnamon sticks. Rasado’s Portrait Oats project exclusively features the hits: Mona Lisa, Starry Night, Girl With a Pearl Earring, and others.


The Scream. Images courtesy the artist

It’s important to note that each work is recognizable with or without their captions, making it fair to say that Rasado's quite successful with her recreations. She describes her process as long and tedious, stating how she wanted to challenge herself to do something different, new, and fun with her artwork. This, in turn, inspired her to further explore food as a medium—not unlike Klaus Enrique’s face portraits from produce. Hungry? Dig in:

Mona Lisa

The Starry Night

See more from artist Sarah Rasado on her website.


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