'The New Age of Ceramics' Is the Coffee Table Book You're Missing

Writer and designer Hannah Stouffer's new text and exhibition include studio visits and process shots.
November 16, 2016, 3:50pm
Images courstey Gingko Press Inc.

For the past year, author and designer (and frequent The Creators Project contributor) Hannah Stouffer has been putting together The New Age of Ceramics, a coffee table art book that examines the contemporary art world’s relationship to the ancient medium. Published by Gingko Press Inc., Stouffer’s new book acts as a comprehensive survey, investigating the different materials used in ceramic arts, i.e porcelain and clay, as well as the variety of methods associated with producing three-dimensional work. In addition to process shots of the artists at work, The New Age of Ceramics includes voyeuristic documented studio visits of ceramic artists from around the world.

“The tangibility of the material is something I feel really drawn to, and feel there is a great importance in sharing that, as we stray further from this connection to traditional mediums and become more invested with technology,” Stouffer tells The Creators Project.

The book release was hosted at the Dave Frey Gallery in Los Angeles in tandem with an exhibition of works discussed in the book. Some of the artists featured in the show include Cleon Peterson, Mark Whalen, and Tanya Batura.

Click here to order your copy of The New Age of Ceramics, and for more information about the book and the exhibition, head over to the Dave Frey Gallery's website.


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