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Seaside Cove or Starry Sky? This Coffee Table Is Both

One Caribbean designer captures the beauty of both—in resin and marble.
September 21, 2016, 12:30pm
Images courtesy the artist

Starry skies and ocean vistas are two of the best visuals to gaze at and think creatively. Now, you can have both—in coffee table form. LA TABLE (previously), the Caribbean design firm that captures tropical island beauty in marble and resin tables, has just released a model called STARRY SEA that looks like a serene cove by day and a glowing sky at night.

One and a half years of testing and research went into LA TABLE, designer Alexandre Chapelin's latest creation. It incorporates marble from Anguilla and LA TABLE's trademark ocean-colored resin with Wi-Fi-connected LED lights. Six hours of charging powers the table for 300 hours, and this model can change color with the tap of a smartphone, a process you can see in action in the accompanying video here.


Sea or sky? Let us know your thoughts after checking out the photos below:

Learn more about STARRY SEA and LA TABLE on the official website.


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