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The Designer Behind the Android Logo Has a Raunchy Sense of Humor

Making art as a profession is fun, but doing it for yourself is even better—just ask graphic designer Irina Blok.
All images courtesy the artist

A smartphone display mimicking the look of a stock ticker is, in reality, a sailor-mouthed ribbon of reactions to the tumultuous nature of the markets. Helpful rhymes splashed across condom wrappers remind guys to practice safety. A series of pastel charts depict the blunt reality of working from home (very minimal amount of working, substantial amount of eating).

This is the work of Irina Blok, a San Francisco-based designer who delights in her profession as much as she does flexing her design muscles away from the office. Blok, a native of Russia, who moved to the US at age 18, uses her downtime to do what she likes best: design logos and graphics with her own tongue-and-cheek humor. She designates these projects to a simple category on her website: fun.


The Silicon Valley designer summons her creative juices on and off clock, despite working as a creative director at a tech company. Her website details the fact that she has previously worked with any big names in the technology industry, including Google, Adobe, and Apple. Blok is, in fact, best known for designing the Google Android logo—that eponymous green robot—which is an originator of the open source logo format. You can check out more of her creations below:

To see more from Irina Blok, including her commercial work and original jewelry line, “I Love Blocks”, visit here.


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