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[Behind The Scenes] Board The Spaceship With Broken Bells' "After The Disco"

Including interviews with Danger Mouse, James Mercer, Kate Mara, and Anton Yelchin
December 20, 2013, 6:55pm

The Creators Project has been tracking the other-wordly escapades of actors Anton Yelchin and Kate Mara as they star in Broken Bells' two-part short film, After The Disco, a preview for the band's upcoming second LP of the same name, which is out on January 14th.

The two shorts, directed by Jacob Gentry and produced by POPfilms in conjunction with The Creators Project, follow Yelchin's character, as he slips into a parallel universe and finds love in the form of a fallen astronaut (Mara). Things get complicated as a surreal spaceship picks up them up and they get tangled in a nightmarish cosmonaut party.

Now, get inside the spaceship with The Creators Project's behind-the-scenes documentary of the film, including conversations with the director, stars, and Danger Mouse and James Mercer of Broken Bells.

Gentry summed up why a collaboration like this is so grandiose and special:

"It's a really exciting time for a filmmaker to be working with musicians, because never before have those two things been so intrinsically linked. The format has completely moved -- there's now always a visual component to the music you're hearing. I think that since it's a wild west of possibilities, there aren't any rules anymore."

The artists also talked about how Broken Bells' new album is "almost like a soundtrack for a movie that doesn't exist." To make the film version of After The Disco a success, the team had to "reverse-engineer the music" in order to do the tunes justice.

Danger Mouse elaborated, adding that since they filmed using both real locations and CGI, the short made the music even "bigger and grander."

Watch our documentary above and get lost in space. And re-visit the short films below:

Broken Bells, After The Disco, Part One: Angel And The Fool

Broken Bells, After The Disco, Part Two: Holding On For Life