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Everyone's a Winner When It Comes to Giant, Scratch-Off Art

Camella DaEun Kim's 'No Losers' gives you the satisfaction of a scratcher without any of the risk.
Images courtesy the artist

A new interactive installation provides audiences with the satisfaction of scratching off a lottery ticket, or that Amazon gift card your Aunt gave you 2 Christmases ago, while removing the risk of losing money because, as the title suggests, there are no losers in this game. No Losers is a mounted 2’ x 12’ panel covered in scratch-off ink. Viewers are encouraged to use the change in their pockets, their fingernails, or credit cards to chip away at that top layer.


According to LA-based artist Camella DaEun Kim, once that first scratch is made, the rest of the pack joins in and quickly starts to fill in the rest of the panel. It's sort of like when Jack Greer laid a slab of wet cement in the middle of the floor during an exhibition opening.

Hidden messages and graffiti doodles ripped from public restrooms are digitally imprinted underneath that first layer. So as visitors and participants scratch away, they start to uncover a new image underneath while simultaneously leaving a trace of their own, in this way the artist hopes the installation encourages participants to express their own creativity.

Installation version of ‘No Losers’ at Hammer Museum, UCLA Game Art Festival

Installation version of ‘No Losers’ at Hammer Museum, UCLA Game Art Festival

Check out a video of the installation below:

No Losers from camelladaeunkim on Vimeo.

Another scratch off project is set to open at Now Play This at the Somerset House from April 1-3, as part of the London Games Festival.

Head over to Camella DaEun Kim’s website to check out more of her work.


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