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Wolves And Wild Creatures Built Using Thousands Of Crayons

Herb Williams takes arts and crafts to the next level.

Though he's worked with many artistic materials, Nashville-based artist Herb Williams can boast that he's one of the only artists in the world who has an account with Crayola. Fittingly, his upcoming exhibition at OZ Gallery on March 20th includes a (literally) wild array of animal sculptures made entirely out of crayons.

Though there isn't much tech involved, we couldn't help but gawk at these beasts. The meticulous and obviously-vibrant installations remind us of the simpler times in our lives when the wax-y smell of a box of crayons would be enough to keep us entertained for a whole afternoon.


Williams builds his creatures using bonding paper that covers each crayon, and then (presumably) clocks long hours making these sculptures perfect. We could not fathom the face palm that would result if someone yanked the wrong crayon (probably Burnt Orange—the name's pretty nefarious, right?) and turned these beauties into a pile of average sticks. But let's not think like that too much, these structures are ebullient and a huge step up from your average paper mache or clay installation.

Check out some photos of his work below, as well as a behind the scenes doc on how it was made. Also, if you're in Tennessee, go to Williams' opening on the 20th! Banksy and Shepard Fairey will be showing work, too.

Images via Williams' site


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