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Vortexes We Like Better Than the Polar Vortex | GIF Six-Pack

These vortexes don't make your skin hurt.

If you live in North America and you've been outside recently, you know it's cold. If you read the news, you know it's so cold because the polar vortex is wobbling into lower latitudes this winter. If you read last week's GIF Six-Pack, this writer's position on winter should be clear (hint: it sucks), and that will give you a clue about my attitude toward the polar vortex: Fuck the polar vortex. "I can think of about a million kinds of vortexes I like more than the polar vortex," I thought to myself on this frostbitten morn. Below are six of them, courtesy of GIF artists including Zolloc, Silvia Guimaraens, and April Faison.


80s Vortex

Michael Shillingburg

Watermelon Vortex


Eye Vortex

Silvia Guimaraens

Denture Vortex

April Faison

Insta Vortext


Foot Vortex



Poehler Vortex


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