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Watch a Live Animation Take Its Cues from a Drum Set

"Try to imagine that with the 'Whiplash' drummer."
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The term "live animation" seems like something of an oxymoron, especially when compared to the work of perfectionists like Hayao Miyazaki or Pixar mastermind Lee Unkrich, who spend years on their films. But we're not sure how else to describe French motion designer Colin Toupé's experimental animation drumset that arranges VJ-like loops in real time according to his beats. Part music visualizer and part visual instrument, Toupé's DRUM = ANIMATION is a treat for the eyes and ears. "[It] is really fun to play audio and visual notes!" he writes on Vimeo. "It's not the best drum solo ever but try to imagine that with the Whiplash drummer."


Check out the full video below.

See more of Colin Toupé's work on Vimeo.


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