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Get A Dizzying Tour Of Berlin With This 360° Panoramic Video

Jonas Ginter is back with his 6 camera set-up to gives us a hyper-speed tour of Berlin.
May 5, 2014, 8:30pm

One month ago, we posted a homemade video by German photographer, Jonas Ginter, where he used a 3D printer to make a camera that supported six GoPro cameras, yielding the chillest bike-cruising time lapse we've seen in 360°. The camera set-up can seemingly be used to turn any mundane cruise into a panoramic, picaresque voyage, as Ginter's follow-up "Planet Berlin" depicts.

Ginter's newest 360° panoramic video, above, includes his experimenting with the camera display to capture a hyper-speed tour through Berlin, including the Berlin Wall, the Fernsehturm TV Tower, and the Molecule Man sculpture on the Spree.


This may be our new favorite way to get a city tour, and the mind reels at what Ginter could create on a trip to Tokyo or Manhattan. See some screenshots of his video piece below, and check out more of his work over on his website:


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