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Walk on Water in a Projection-Mapped Paddy Field

With their 'HARMONY' and 'DIVERSITY' installations, teamLab reimagines Japan's food culture for the 2015 Milan Expo.
HARMONY by teamLab. Images via

An upcropping of projection mapped screens takes root in teamLab’s interactive installation at this year’s Milan Expo. Staged in the Japanese Pavilion, HARMONY reimagines the symbolic Japanese rice paddy, the age-old foundation of country’s agricultural, as leaf-shaped screens reflecting pools of multicolored light. Installed at different heights throughout the room, the projection-mapped field replies to visitors’ movements with a myriad of dynamic designs, blooming in green swaths of grass and wriggling with silvery schools of fish. “This interactive art installation creates a space where visitors look as if they are wading their way through the ears of rice,” says teamLab on their website. “As they wander around, they can experience a passing of nature that is so characteristic of Japan across the period of a whole year.”


HARMONY pairs with DIVERSITY, teamLab's other work at Milan Expo, which is something of a smartphone-inabled interactive, projected waterfall that can be experienced in 360°. Check out both installations below, and see more of our teamLab coverage after the jump.


DIVERSITY by teamLab. Images via


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