Sauga City Crosses Over to the States in SYPH's "Going Crazy"

Is the world insane, or just this song?
February 7, 2017, 3:19pm

Mississauga rapper SYPH has returned with a new banger entitled "Going Crazy," featuring LA's Skeme and Atlanta's Yakki Divioshi. Riding an extremely bass-heavy beat, SYPH boasts of his ability to make his city, his coupe and everyone around him go off the chain because his music is just that powerful. If the rest of the planet's gone off the deep end, then why not join in? Listen to "Going Crazy" below and read on for a quick Q&A with SYPH.

How'd you get your start in music?
I always had musical influence in my family because my mom used to be a singer and my father played the drums for Studio One. For me, the process of making music came naturally but when I first started making music it was just for fun with my homies from my block. Then once I started putting out my own music, like my debut mixtape  Rookie of the the Year, that's when my music started to really become recognized by fans, other artists, and people in our industry.

What's the story behind "Going Crazy?"
Ain't much of a story behind this joint, it was just real ones linking up. Skeme was one the first artists I was personally introduced to when I came to LA, we have been real cool ever since. I met Yakki in Atlanta at Blue Flame and connected with him and now the rest is history, so when I got the inbound pass from the homie Skeme, I threw Yakki that alley-oop and we been going crazy ever since!  (laughs)

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