Watch Big Sean Get Lit with Seniors While Performing "Moves" on 'Ellen'

Mr. Steal-Your-Grandma
January 31, 2017, 7:21pm

Big Sean is your family's favourite rapper, despite his biggest hit being the extremely not family-friendly "IDFWU." Still, his love of goofy punchlines endears him to a wide audience, which is why it makes sense that not only would he appear on Ellen but that he'd also take a retirement home's worth of senior citizens with him to turn the hell up.

Performing "Moves," Sean fist bumps with a dude who looks like Santa Claus and is the entertainment for this literal cocktail party of grandparents. The old folks also make money rain on Sean. If the 1985 movie Cocoon had come out in 2017, this is the scene that would have happened instead of Wilford Brimley and Hume Cronyn dancing to Michael Sembello's slapper "Gravity." It bears mentioning that Big Sean has expressed interest in the goings-on of the elderly before, when he became an old man in "I Know." Is he obsessed with age or does he fear youth? Discern the facts for yourself and watch the "Moves" performance below.

Phil was abducted by immortal aliens after writing this. He's on Twitter.