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Watch #MuslimBan Protestors in LA Chant Swet Shop Boys' "T5"

"Inshallah, mashallah, hopefully no martial law"
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Since Donald Trump signed in the executive order on his recent immigration ban, protests all over the world have sprung up in support of immigrants and refugees, and those demonstrating at LAX yesterday had some familiar words of solidarity. A group of protestors chanted "Inshallah, mashallah / Hopefully no martial law" – lyrics from the track "T5" by English-American-Indian-Pakistani group Swet Shop Boys – with reference to the fact that a number of Muslim immigrants were being detained in airports across the US. The "T5" music video takes place at John F Kennedy airport, and shows Riz MC and Heems being interrogated by TSA border agents. Watch the chant below, and read our interview with Swet Shop Boys here:


(Image via YouTube)