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Flint Residents Filed a Lawsuit Against the EPA for More Than $700 Million

The latest water crisis lawsuit claims the federal agency knew about the issues with Flint's water back in 2014.
Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Residents from Flint, Michigan, have filed another lawsuit against the government over the city's water crisis—this time against the Environmental Protection Agency, MLive reports.

The class-action lawsuit was filed in US District Court on Monday on behalf of 1,700 residents who are seeking $722 million from the federal government agency. It claims that the EPA knew about the issues with Flint's water in 2014 and failed to make sure city and state officials weren't violating the Safe Water Drinking Act.

"Despite notice of the danger as early as October 2014," the suit reads, "the EPA failed to take the mandatory steps to determine that Michigan and Flint authorities were not taking appropriate action to protect the public from toxic water."

The lawsuit specifically asks for the EPA cover damages to physical injury, illness, and lead poisoning, among other physical ailments. Last March, another lawsuit was filed against Governor Rick Snyder and other city officials for failing to take action after learning that the city's water was contaminated and ultimately causing irreversible health defects to families in the area.

The EPA, which is currently under a grant freeze and press gag order from Trump's new administration, has yet to comment.