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Why Did Miley Cyrus Impersonate David Byrne on 'Fallon'?

After a week of Cyrus-related questions, we are left only with more questions.

Miley Cyrus's ever-presence on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week has prompted us to ask some important questions. For example, why did Miley Cyrus cover Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" on Monday? And, a little later in the week, why Did Miley Cyrus Impersonate Dolly Parton? We never really found answers. Sure, Miley Cyrus has a new album out. It's a return to her crystal clean, whiter-than-white, none-of-that-mean-old-rap-music vibe and, if you want to sell that sort of shit, pushing the girl-next-door aesthetic with some smiley hijinks on late-night TV is a cynical but sensible move.


But still. Why? Why must Miley Cyrus do these things? Why has this befallen us? Why do we feel compelled to blog about it? We won't find answers here, I'm afraid. All we'll find is a video of Cyrus and Fallon doing some competitive lip-syncing. Cyrus dances around to Portugal. The Man's new single "Feel It Still" before donning an oversized suit jacket and doing a Stop Making Sense-style David Byrne impression along to "Once in a Lifetime."

There are no answers. There are only more questions.

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