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Listen to Run the Jewels' Storming 'FIFA 18' Soundtrack Cut "Mean Demeanor"

Behold: Cristiano Ronaldo and Killer Mike in the same digital space.

A constant in life is that the soundtracks to EA's annual FIFA games will always be flames. Only the NBA 2K series and the Grand Theft Auto series can rival them in terms of collecting slaps both known and unknown. This year's installment has fucking Slowdive and Skepta on it, so the curators at EA are still on point. Making its debut on the soundtrack is a new song by Run the Jewels called "Mean Demeanor," which you can now finally listen to today via a new launch trailer for FIFA 18.


It's an RTJ song, which means rampaging El-P beats along with fiery rhymes from him and Killer Mike, which they perform from within a raging tornado in the trailer. IRL sports stars Cristiano Ronaldo and James Harden are unperturbed by this, because they are very rich and very famous. I actually don't know what Harden is doing here, as he's not known for football, but I guess the broader message is that the sport is universal no matter who's participating. Also, that RTJ are the best rap duo to score your video game trailers. Listen to the "Tornado Mix" of "Mean Demeanor" in the trailer above

Update: The original mix is now out, listen below.

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