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Elle's 'She' Is an Emotionally Exhausting Burst of Post-Hardcore

Featuring members of Loma Prieta and Beau Navire, the West Coast screamo band gets introspective on their second album. Listen early here.

Oakland’s Elle combines two West Coast forces. Featuring members of emotive hardcore heavyhitters Loma Prieta and all-out emoviolence ensemble Beau Navire, the band pulls a little influence from each. Their second full-length is called She, which technically makes it a self-titled album. The record is marked by its array of vocal styles. There are muffled lead vocals that are sometimes so distant that they feel like they’re being screamed from the next room, and they’re often backed up by supplementary vocals that sound like they’re being shouted from outside the house all together.


She is a short but emotionally exhausting listen. In spots, the band sounds drained to the point of failure, but still finds the strength to come roaring back through the moments of weakness. They describe it as an album about “personal experiences, growth, grief, politics, and the struggle to contribute something beautiful, however small.”

She will be released on September 14 via Conditions Records and Dog Knights Productions in the EU. Listen to the whole thing early below.