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The GOP ignored its own advice about how to win in 2016

Four years ago the Republican Party said it needed to do more to attract Hispanic voters. Then they elected Donald Trump. What happened?
July 20, 2016, 5:25pm

After Mitt Romney's crushing defeat in 2012, the Republican Party commissioned a self-assessment for how it could retake the White House. The subsequent "GOP autopsy report" called on the GOP to attract minority voters, in particular Hispanics, in order to ever have a chance of winning another presidential election.

Instead, the GOP went in entirely the opposite direction, and four years later, nominated Donald Trump. But there are at least two Republicans still committed to the 2012 vision for the party — one of the authors of the report, Henry Barbour and the new RNC Hispanic Outreach Director, Helen Ferre. VICE News sat down with both of them during the week of Trump's convention to find out whether there is any life left in the autopsy report.

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