The Internet's "Roll (Burbank Funk)" Has a Great New Kaytranada Remix

Under Kaytranada's watchful eye, the track becomes hazy and lazy, but no less of a banger.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
May 11, 2018, 12:05pm

Late last month, musical polymaths The Internet released "Roll (Burbank Funk)" which is their first new single as a group since their 2015 album Ego Death. As the title implies, it's an infectiously funky number, and now Kaytranada has put a spin on it too—listen to his remix above.

Keeping the song's most integral part—its irresistible bassline—Kaytranada adds a metallic synth line to the chorus that gives the song a new, hazier feel. It works especially nicely alongside Syd's pretty background vocals, and his experienced touch lifts the song into different territory than it occupied before. The Internet's version lies pretty much in the funk arena of its title, while the remix locates it in something dancier. Both work excellently (it's hard to pick a preference between the remix and the original) and ultimately speak to The Internet's versatility, because both versions are making me want to dance on my desk immediately.

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