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Malcolm Turnbull Cut In Line at the Pub and Punters Were Not Having It

Being PM doesn’t put you above pub law.
Image by Ashley Goodall, photos via Shutterstock.

Malcolm Turnbull likes to think he is a man of the people. He has that leather jacket, and… well, honestly, he hasn’t really done a lot to suggest he isn’t a lizard person since the jacket thing. But maybe the Prime Minister was attempting to endear himself to us on Thursday night when he set out to neck a beer at the Carindale Hotel in Brisbane. He was at the venue for a politics in the pub event (sounds horrible).


But he gave the whole game away by cutting in line. To be fair, it’s unclear if he cut in, or just got served first on account of being the PM. Either way, one patron was not having it. A man, who press are calling an “an angry landscaper”, became incensed that Turnbull was served before him and began to abuse the Leader of the Liberal Party. He also reportedly gave him the finger before being moved away by security.

A police spokesperson later elaborated, "He [the man] was fairly intoxicated and fairly apologetic once he realised what he was doing." They also clarified that there was no physical altercation; it was contained to yelling. The man was given an infringement notice for failing to leave a licensed premise.

While it’s not an ideal situation, I think we can agree that as a nation, the fact we’ve moved on from headbutting Prime Ministers is a promising evolution.