Sagittarius, June 2018
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Sagittarius, June 2018

Welcome to Gemini season!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Welcome to Gemini season, Sagittarius! As the Sun travels through the relationship sector of your chart, you’ll find yourself very focused on your partnerships, meeting new people and reconnecting with those you’ve been longing to spend time with. An adversary may even make an appearance.

Whatever the case, this first weekend will be smooth as hell, so enjoy: Communication planet Mercury will connect with Mars on June 1, creating an exciting energy in your social life. Venus will connect with Jupiter on June 1 and with Neptune on June 2, creating a dreamy, romantic energy and helping you connect with others (and yourself) on a very deep level. This will also encourage emotional healing; expect a boost in your intuition and in creative inspiration.


The next week will be much more difficult. The Sun meets Mercury on June 5, finding you communicating a lot about the partnerships in your life. On the same day, Venus will oppose Pluto, creating a very difficult energy around trust, worth, and security. Watch out for envy, manipulation, and power plays. Don’t give your power away, whether that means by holding onto the cash in your wallet, or by refusing to listen to a bully. If there’s been a power struggle taking place in your life, specifically in your intimate relationships or around money or shared resources, it will come to a climax now.

And, to top it all off, communication issues will run rampant this week! Mercury will square off with the planet of delusion, Neptune, on June 6, followed by the Sun doing the same on June 7. Keep your paranoia in check, and don’t plan for any serious conversations during these days. Instead, focus on reconnecting with yourself spiritually. Make some art. Write some poetry. Don’t try to solve problems or talk sense into someone who doesn’t want to hear it. Take a step back, and don’t fall for the bullshit that the people around you may be falling for (Neptunian energy can be very gullible). A spiritual awakening may arrive, but try not to join any cults. And, please, dear centaur, just because your partner is doing something doesn’t mean you should, too.

Mercury enters water sign Cancer on June 12, finding you talking about sensitive issues: everything from sex to complicated money stuff like debts, taxes, and inheritances. Cancer is a very intuitive energy, and Mercury’s time in this sign will encourage you to get in touch with your intuition. Cancer is also a sign that instinctively understands that change is part of life… do you? Surrender to life’s biggest constant: change. Also, talk about your feelings! Chatty Mercury in moody Cancer is a fab time for you to get something off your chest.


A renewing energy will arrive in your relationships during the new moon in Gemini on June 13. This is a wonderful time to cast a spell for your love life.

A renewing energy will arrive in your relationships during the new moon in Gemini on June 13. This is a wonderful time to cast a spell for your love life, or to bring any kind of partnership into being in general. Avoid dealing with enemies now—you may have a very hard time reading their motivations. Hopefully, you won’t be fighting with anyone: Charming Venus enters Leo on the same day, encouraging an optimistic energy and bringing blessings around any travel you’re doing.

Neptune begins its retrograde on June 18 in sensitive water sign Pisces, asking you to take time to reflect on your relationships with your loved ones and your family, as well as your living situation. Do you feel safe and comfortable? Not just physically, but are your emotional boundaries strong, too? Ease around communication will arrive on June 19, when Mercury connects with Jupiter, and on June 20, when Mercury connects with Neptune, encouraging you to process your emotions. Just watch out for people making exaggerations or straight-up having no idea what they’re talking about on these days!

The Sun enters Cancer on June 21—the summer solstice—shining its light on a very private and sensitive sector of your chart. Issues around intimacy will come to the fore. Cancer, the crab, is all about nurturing and protection. You can be a wild party animal, dear centaur, but is there support in your relationships? And a sense of safety? Sex won’t be the only thing on your mind. Cancer season is also a crucial time for you to hammer out debts (both emotional and financial) and to figure out how you will share money and other sorts of resources with people.


Venus opposes Mars on June 21, creating a competitive energy; however, the vibe will also be very flirtatious, and an exciting conversation or piece of information is sure to come your way. The energy will continue to be fun on June 25, when Venus squares off with your ruling planet Jupiter; however, watch out for overspending, overeating, overdrinking or over-whatever-your-vice-is. The vibe will be lazy as fuck. Take some time off so you don’t have to worry about work. You’ll be in the mood to sleep in and daydream, so treat yourself!

There will be a full moon in hardworking Capricorn shortly after—on June 28, to be exact—so you’ll want to be well rested for that. You’ll have plenty to focus on, as issues concerning money will come to a culmination under the full moon’s light. Don’t overbook yourself during this time—the energy will be emotional, and you’ll want time to be able to deeply focus on whatever tasks you have to manage. Approaching the world maturely and responsibly will be key.

The month wraps up with Mercury entering fellow Fire sign Leo on June 29, finding you going on trips and eager to learn. If you’ve signed up for any classes during the summer semester, your brain will be sharp! Expect news from faraway places to arrive, too. Mercury is the planet of communication, and Leo’s style is proud and regal… but it has a scary roar, too. You might notice that communication will feel like that during this time—polite and formal, until it’s not! That’s OK: No one’s got a bigger mouth than you anyway, dear Sag.

Good luck this month, Sagittarius, and see you in July!