Watch Alt-Pop Duo Moby Rich's Live Video for Airy Single "Yoko Ono"

The cut, recorded in the same room where they wrote the song, celebrates the band's debut, 'Our First EP,' out today.
October 26, 2018, 3:00pm

Los Angeles-based alt-pop duo Moby Rich's Our First EP is out today. It is, quite obviously, their first EP, featuring two new songs alongside the already released "Pocket" and "Yoko Ono." To celebrate the release, they've recorded a live video of "Yoko Ono," and we're premiering it at the top of the page. Maxwell Joseph and Connor Pledger create an impressively full sound for two dudes sitting in a bedroom, and their vocals work as nicely together as they did on the original.


"When planing how to shoot a live version of Yoko Ono, we wanted to keep it simple. We thought by filming where we wrote the song, it would give it a bit more authenticity," the band wrote in an email to Noisey. "Our friend Scottie Cameron, the director of the Yoko Ono music video, helped us out with shooting it and finding a way to make it a little more interesting. The idea of having some of the items around the room singing along while we were playing sounded like a funny way to make it more than an ordinary live video."

Watch the live video for "Yoko Ono" at the top of the page and listen to Our First EP at Soundcloud.

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