We Wrestle with Reality in This Week's Waypoints

Taking a look beneath the floorboards of normal everyday life.
October 4, 2018, 1:20am
'Maniac' still courtesy of Netflix

It's Wednesday and that means Waypoints, where the site's staff and friends will bring something to share with each other and with you: a TV show, art exhibit, movie, album, or other thing from the universe of pop culture. to discuss, dissect, and enjoy.

This week, we've been trying to figure out what we make of Maniac, Netflix's reality-bending satire from True Detective Season 1 director Cary Joji Fukunaga, starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill (plus a generous supply of superb New York character actors. We see you, Arkady Ivanovich). Danielle has been to Kink Haüs, a show combining dance, music, and performance art to explore different themes around queer identity. Rob has been immersed in the Matt Fraction / David Aja Hawkeye series from 2012-13, and the ways it plays with various structural aspects of comics to achieve something wholly unexpected. Finally, Patrick has been getting spooky as he listens to the Halloween Unmasked podcast, in which film critic Amy Nicholson explores the background and context behind John Carpenter's classic horror movie, Halloween.


Content Warnings: Discussions of racial violence, homophobia, mental health, and self-harm.

Discussed: Maniac, Kink Haüs by Gunnar Montana, Hawkeye by Matt Fraction / David Aja et al., Halloween Unmasked

Helpful Notes

The promo video for Kink Haüs is right here. You can read a review here.

There is a great piece surveying the whole of the Fraction / Aja Hawkeye run from The Comics Journal that is worth checking out. Also, there is some amazing Francesco Francavilla art and layout from Issue 10 of that series that I refer to directly in the pod. Here is a page I showed the gang, also cited over at TCJ:

art by Francesco Francavilla

Contrast this with the cooler style employed by Aja in Issue #2.

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