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peggy gou’s 'starry night' and everything else you need to listen to today

Let our playlist be your indispensable gui-De to this week's new music.
Peggy Gou's Moment EP artwork
Peggy Gou's Moment EP artwork

Happy Peggy Gou day! Fresh from launching her fashion label, Kirin, our favourite Korean producer and DJ just announced her own independent record label, Gudu Records. The label’s debut release will be Moment EP. Out on 3 May and featuring Starry Night and Han Pan, it's the first new music from Peggy this year. The lead single, a timeless bilingual disco party called Starry Night, is available to stream now and opens this week’s playlist.


Next up is some electropop fun from a cheery artist that goes by the name You’re Alive But You Are Dead. We don’t know much about them aside from the fact that their new song We’re Taking Out Your Family (nowhere near as threatening as it sounds) is out today on Roller Blaster Records and is well worth a spin. So, too, is Lizzo’s collaboration with Missy Elliott, the return of Grimes, Icelandic popstar Glowie’s second single Cruel, Honey Dijon reworking Christine and the Queens, heartbreaking new ANOHNI, slowthai’s feature on Aussie producer Flume’s mixtape, SL's FWA Boss and plenty more. Enjoy!