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A Teen Kidnapped and Tasered the Girl Who Called Her a ‘Dog’ on Instagram

"You have got some issues," said the magistrate when the 18-year-old appeared in court.
Gavin Butler
Melbourne, AU
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A Melbourne teen has been accused of kidnapping and Tasering a former schoolmate who called her a “dog” on Instagram. Yasemin Ercan, 19, arranged to meet her 18-year-old former school friend at a shopping centre in the west Melbourne suburb of Braybrook last year, Fairfax reports—after initially threatening to stab her in the throat, put a bullet in her head, and "smash the fuck" out of her. Yasemin was none too impressed with the fact that she’d been labelled the d-word on social media, apparently. Now she’s facing a litany of offences including kidnapping, intentionally causing injury, and threatening to inflict serious harm.


Police allege that Yasemin arrived at the shopping centre carpark at about 7:30pm on August 13. She’d come for the pre-arranged meet-up, and she’d brought a male friend along with her. The two of them then climbed into the ex-schoolmate’s car—Yasemin sitting in the back and her associate in the passenger’s seat—before the male friend pulled out a Taser, pointed it at the 18-year-old, and ordered her to drive.

The victim drove around at Taser-point for 20 minutes, a court heard, until the girls eventually pulled over and got out of the car. Yasemin is said to have then slapped and spat on the teen before shooting her with the Taser.

Following her arrest, Yasemin was bailed on a $50,000 surety and barred from using social media. She appeared before the Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday, where magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg told her that, for the most part, she was engaging well with a support program. He also suggested, however, that she undergo more counselling—pointing out that "you have got some issues there."

Yasemin will return to court next month for a hearing that will determine whether she faces trial over the charges.

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