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Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, February 2019

Welcome to Aquarius season!
January 31, 2019, 4:06pm

February opens with Mars, the planet of war, squaring off with Pluto, the lord of the underworld. This will find you having some restless nights, and a conversation ends as the month begins!

You are truly just sick of it—whatever it may be—and you’re done arguing about something that can never be proven or quantified. You’re a practical person, Taurus, and you trust yourself, know your values, and what you have faith in—you’re not going to be gaslit! You simply won’t deal with any bullshit that offends you—your sleep is precious to you, and you don’t want to lose any more of it!


Shake-ups continue on February 2 as your ruling planet Venus connects with wildcard Uranus. However, the energy feels more open—things are shifting, but unlike the severing that took place when Mars squared Uranus, Venus’s dance with Uranus opens up new possibilities and finds you connecting with people on an unexpected level, perhaps even in unusual ways. Communication planet Mercury connects with lucky Jupiter on February 3, bringing exciting news about your career, your public facing partnerships, and your finances. Also on February 3, your ruling planet Venus enters fellow earth sign Capricorn, bringing you lovely messages from faraway places. This is an especially inspiring time to travel. If you’re in school, Venus in Capricorn is sure to send blessings your way.

February 4 brings the new moon in Aquarius, a cool air sign famous for being aloof and detached. However, there’s more to Aquarius than that: It’s an inventive sign, and this new moon will find you at the start of a new, innovative period in your career! On February 7, very exciting developments take place as people grow invested in you when the sun connects with Jupiter. Helping conversations move swiftly is Mercury’s connection with Mars, also on February 7. February 9 finds Mercury connecting with Uranus, bringing some eureka moments, and on February 10, Mercury enters Pisces, which is wonderful for networking and meeting new people.


February is a big month for you in the spotlight, Taurus, and so many exciting, new things are beginning now! Just don’t overbook yourself—you need all the rest you can get, or else you will feel positively fried, especially on February 13, when Mars meets Uranus. On the plus side, this will also bring a very exciting boost to your psychic abilities—this is a great time to dive into dream work or any other spiritual practice. A lot of movement is taking place in your subconscious mind and some brilliant inner transformations may take place!

On February 14, Mars enters your sign, giving you a massive boost of energy. You’re slow to anger, but when you do—it’s intense. With warrior planet Mars in Taurus, you may come off as even more confrontational, so keep that in mind when you connect with others. That said, some very dreamy energy flows as your ruling planet Venus mingles with Neptune on February 17, which brings a boost of romance and whimsy and presents a fantastic opportunity to connect with others. Watch out for some brilliant and surprising a-ha moments on February 18, when the sun connects with Uranus—you may also find yourself unexpectedly in the spotlight! On February 18, Venus meets Saturn and marks the start of a beautiful new commitment, and also, Pisces season begins!

Pisces season is a wonderful time for your social life, Taurus—however, the full moon (and super moon!) in Virgo on February 19 will bring some drama to your love life and your creative pursuits. The energy is very emotional—if someone attended your show but you didn’t go to theirs, or if you’ve introduced your lover to all your friends but they haven’t cared to invite you out to meet theirs, things will pop—people want to feel valued and appreciated, not taken advantage of or uncared for! As with all full moons, plenty of new things will come to light—and plenty of tears will flow.

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During the full moon on February 19, Mercury meets Neptune and connects with Saturn, which encourages deep heart-to-hearts and empathy while helping us maintain boundaries—nice! Hopefully, you can get what you need to say off your chest, find some closure from the past, and clear things out for a new beginning. It’s Pisces season, so we’re all in the mood for peace and love, but it’s also a Virgo moon, so we have to be real!

On February 22, Mercury squares off with Jupiter, bringing plenty of talk your way, especially about values. People are making big promises! Don’t make any you can’t keep, Taurus. There’s some exaggeration in the air, too. Also: Don’t share a secret for the sake of building intimacy right now—you’re still getting to know some people, and with Venus meeting Pluto on February 22, you might feel compelled to dive right into the deep end! Still, Venus and Pluto’s connection could also bring you some kinky fun in bed, and may find you running into some very sexy people, so enjoy! On February 23, Mercury also connects with Pluto, bringing an exciting chance to network with powerful people.

What started out as a tiring month, wraps up with plenty of energy as the sun connects with action planet Mars on February 27. Good luck this month Taurus, and see you in March!